Color psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior, this being a branch of the broader field of behavioral psychology. This science argues that we feel color and that each color has a powerful influence on the mood and mental state of an individual.
Color has the ability to stimulate or depress, to create happiness or sadness, and to awaken passive or active attitudes. Some colors make us feel serene and calm (which are generally on the blue side of the spectrum, known as the cool side), while others make us feel angry and uncomfortable (these are on the red side of the spectrum, known as the cool side). as the warm side).

Emotions that each color provokes

For this reason, color psychology is an essential field of study for leaders, entrepreneurs, architects, gardeners, cooks, product designers, packaging designers, store owners and even people who are thinking of remodeling their home. Color is critical and the success of a brand depends on its use.

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Color psychology